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Vinny Technologies is one of the Best Institute for Power Apps Training in Hyderabad. Power Automate Training in Hyderabad is provided in a comprehensive and reliable way to students. This course is mainly introduced to make the candidates to deploy highly scalable applications on platform of Power Apps. Placement Oriented Training is provided to the students to acquire best job opportunity in the most reputed companies. Certification is also awarded to the candidates after the course completion to the students. We give the extensive Power Apps Training in Hyderabad to improve subject knowledge skills of the students.

Are you ready to revolutionize your business processes with Power Apps? Look no further! Our comprehensive Power Apps training program in Hyderabad equips you with the skills and knowledge to leverage this powerful platform effectively. Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your existing skills, our expert-led courses cater to all levels of proficiency.

Introduction about Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, and connectors that allows users to create custom business applications. It's part of the Office 365 suite of tools and can be used by developers and non-technical employees. Power Apps is designed to be user-friendly with an intuitive visual design and drag-and-drop functionality. Users can create apps without writing code. Power Apps can be used for a variety of processes, including: Workflow, Automation, Data visualization and reporting, and Collaboration. Power Apps can help businesses streamline processes, automate tasks, and drive productivity. You can build three types of apps with Power Apps: canvas, model-driven, and portal.

Offered Tools in Power Apps

  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power Platform
  • Canvas Apps
  • Model Driven Apps
  • Power Pages
  • Power Portal
  • Data Verse
  • SharePoint
  • SharePoint online
  • Office 365
  • Dynamic 365
  • Power BI
  • SQL
  • Office365&Sharepoint Introduction
  • SharePoint(Office 365) Designer 2013
  • Power Virtualization & Different data sources.

What We Offer

  • Live Training
  • 45 Hours of Sessions
  • Soft copy classroom notes & assist in Resume Preparation.
  • Real-Time Interview Questions.
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Certification Assistance
  • Certification Oriented Curriculum
  • Real-time Project Use cases
Module1:Power Apps

PowerApps Overview

  • Types of PowerApps
  • PowerApps building blocks
Module 2: PowerApps Canvas Overview

Canvas Overview

  • Canvas App Overview
  • Canvas App building blocks
  • Canvas App Studio Overview
Module 3: Beginning with PowerApps
  • Create an app from template
  • Canvas App Layouts
  • Create a Blank Canvas App
  • Types of Screens in Canvas App
  • Canvas App Screen Properties
  • Renaming & Reorder Screen
Module 4: Overview of Canvas Controls & Example
  • Introduction to different type of controls
  • Adding & Selecting a control
  • Renaming the unique name of control
  • Deleting a control
  • Reorder, Move & Resize a Controls
  • Changing the label text or a button
  • Configuring a control from the toolbar
  • Configuring a control from the Properties tab
  • Configuring a control in the formula bar
Module 5: Control Properties PowerApps
  • Properties of different Controls
  • Adding and configuring controls in canvas
Module 6: Navigations & Notifications
  • Navigate Function & Its Parameters
  • Notify Function & Its Parameters
Module 7: PowerApps Connectors

Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • What is PowerApps Connectors?
  • Different Types of Connectors in PowerApps
  • Use MS Excel as a data source
Module 8: Introduction to SharePoint Online
  • Create SharePoint Site
  • Create SharePoint List
  • Use SharePoint as a data source in PowerApps
Module 9: Data Table, Gallery & Form
  • What is Gallery, Data table & Form
  • Different Between Gallery & Data table
  • Different Type of Galleries in canvas
  • Customizing the forms and gallery controls
Module 10: Search & Sort
  • What is Search Function & its parameters
  • Implementation of Search function
  • What is Sort Function & its parameters
Module 11: Customizing SharePoint form using PowerApps
  • Customizing SharePoint form using PowerApps
  • Saving and publishing the list form back to your SharePoint
  • Viewing list form in SharePoint
Module 12: Logical Condition in PowerApps
  • If – Else Condition & Its Implementation
  • Nested If – Else Conditions Its Implementation
  • Switch Conditions its Implementation
  • Examples:
  • Modifications to data depending on user input
  • Hide and show controls based on user inputs
Module 13: PowerApps Variables
  • What is PowerApps Variables
  • What are Diff types of variable in PowerApps
  • Scope of PowerApps Variables
  • Application of PowerApps Variables
  • Creating Dynamic Sort
Module 14: PowerApps Advance formulas
  • Creating Custom form & using Patch function for Submitting Data
  • Using UpdateIf function to update a record
  • Filter, LookUp Function in PowerApps
  • Difference Between Filter, LookUp & Search
  • Cascading Dropdowns
Module 15: Collections in PowerApps
  • What is Collection
  • How to create a collection
  • Diff between Collect & Clear Collect
  • Application of Collection
Module 16: Components in PowerApps
  • What are PowerApps Components
  • How to create a Component
  • Application of Components
Module 17: Custom Alerts & Popups in PowerApps
  • How to Create Custom Alerts & Popups
Module 18: Versioning in PowerApps
  • What is Versioning in PowerApps
  • How to Restore a version
Module 19: Sharing PowerApps
  • Sharing PowerApps
Module 20: Export/Import PowerApps
  • Export/Import PowerApps
Module 21: Introduction to Dataverse
  • Overview of Microsoft Dataverse
  • Diff Type of Table is Dataverse
  • Create a Table in Dataverse
  • Views & Forms in Dataverse
  • Relationships in Dataverse
  • Charts & Dashboards
Module 22: Introduction to Model Driven PowerApps
  • Overview of Model Driven PowerApps
  • What is site map, how to map Dataverse table
  • Create views in model driven app
  • Create forms in model driven app
  • Business Roles in model driven app
  • Create charts in model driven app
  • Create Dashboard in model driven app
Module 23: Introduction to Power Automate
  • Overview of Power Automate
  • Types of Power Automate flows
  • Power Automate Connectors
  • What are triggers
  • What are actions
  • Sending email notifications
  • Conditions in Power Automate
  • Approval process in Power Automate
Module 24: Office365 & Sharepoint Introduction
  • An overview of the SharePoint Admin Center 1
  • Comparing the different SharePoint Online versions
  • Finding the SharePoint Admin Center in Office 365
  • A brief walkthrough of the SharePoint Admin Center interface > Managing site collections
  • Contribute
  • Site Collection Recycle Bin
  • Introduction to user profiles, audiences, and My Sites
  • People.
  • Manage user profile permissions
  • Organizations
Module 25: Power Portal Creation
  • Powerportal Setting Intro
  • Portal setting deepdive
  • Portal with dataverse
  • portal with designing
  • Entity Lists
  • All about basic forms
  • Search and view records from portals
  • How to use liquid code
  • webtemplates
  • pagetemplates
  • webpages
  • Portal Authorization
  • Advance forms
Module 26: Powerpages
  • Understanding microsoft powerpages in detail Signup for Power Pages
  • Capabilities of powerpages
  • limitaions of using cms
  • powerpages features
  • Using data verse in powerpages
  • Signup and Getting Ready
  • Next Steps after Signup
  • Power Pages Home Screen Walkthrough
  • Create A Site' option to start from scratch Introducing Power Pages Design Studio
Module 27: Pages Workspace - Overview
  • Adding Sections to Pages Tutions
  • Adding Components - Text
  • Adding Components Button
  • Adding Components Images
  • Adding Components - Spacer
  • Adding Components - PowerBI
  • Adding Components - List
  • Adding Components Forms
  • Adding Components - iFrame
Module 28: Style Workspace - Overview and Description
  • Data workspace:
  • Data Workspace - Overview
  • Data Workspace - Tables
  • Data Workspace - Views
  • Data Workspace - Forms
  • Setup Workspace - Overview and Description
Module 29: More items
  • Advance Topic
  • Convert Your Trail Site to Production
  • Using Code Editor



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